My research focuses on dark matter, its nature and attempts to directly verify its existence. Astrophysical evidence strongly suggest that ordinary matter, such as atoms or neutrinos, only make up a small fraction of the overall matter in the Universe. The majority of the matter seems to be dark, or better invisible or transparent. If this is true, and there exists one or more new particles, it might be possible to detect them in experiments here on Earth, in so called direct detection experiments. However, this will only succeed, if dark matter particles interact with ordinary matter in some way besides gravity. My work explores the phenomenology and limitations of these kinds of experiments.

Furthermore, I am highly interested in numerical methods, and enjoy tackling physical problems using code. I have used my own code on supercomputers such as the ABACUS 2.0 in Denmark, and the Tetralith in Sweden.

Here are some of my previous and ongoing projects. Please click for more details.

DM electron DM sun

DM earth 2 DM earth 1