A full list of my publications can also be found on inSPIRE-HEP, together with my author profile.

My ORCID ID is 0000-0002-4251-2229.


  1. Measuring the local Dark Matter density in the laboratory
    Bradley J. Kavanagh, Timon Emken, Riccardo Catena

  2. Rejecting the Majorana nature of dark matter with electron scattering experiments
    Riccardo Catena, Timon Emken, Julia Ravanis
    JCAP arXiv

  3. Projected sensitivity to sub-GeV dark matter of next-generation semiconductor detectors
    Erik Andersson, Alex Bökmark, Riccardo Catena, Timon Emken, Henrik Klein Moberg, Emil Åstrand
    JCAP arXiv


  1. Atomic Responses to General Dark Matter-Electron Interactions
    Riccardo Catena, Timon Emken, Nicola A. Spaldin, Walter Tarantino
    PRR arXiv

  2. Direct Detection of Strongly Interacting Sub-GeV Dark Matter via Electron Recoils
    Timon Emken, Rouven Essig, Chris Kouvaris, Mukul Sholapurkar
    JCAP arXiv


  1. How blind are underground and surface detectors to strongly interacting Dark Matter?
    Timon Emken, Chris Kouvaris
    PRD arXiv


  1. The Sun as a sub-GeV Dark Matter Accelerator
    Timon Emken, Chris Kouvaris, Niklas G. Nielsen
    PRD arXiv

  2. DaMaSCUS: The Impact of Underground Scatterings on Direct Detection of Light Dark Matter
    Timon Emken, Chris Kouvaris
    JCAP arXiv

  3. Terrestrial Effects on Dark Matter-Electron Scattering Experiments
    Timon Emken, Chris Kouvaris, Ian M. Shoemaker
    PRD arXiv


  1. Model independent limits on an ultralight gravitino from supernovae
    Riccardo Catena, Laura Covi, Timon Emken
    PRD arXiv

The list is also available as a pdf.


  1. Dark Matter in the Earth and the Sun - Simulating underground scatterings for the direct detection of low-mass dark matter
    PhD thesis (2019), arXiv

  2. Supergravity & Supernovae - Gravitino Phenomenology in Astrophysics
    Master thesis (2013), (pdf)

  3. Static, axially symmetric deformations of the Schwarzschild spacetime
    Bachelor thesis (2011), (pdf)